MoStar - Moissanite Jewellery Brand by Durga Jewels Hyderabad | Mostar India
INR .365,382
INR .487,172
Ring MOSRG1020
INR .30,519
Ring MOSRG1019
INR .22,055
Ring MOSRG1018
INR .26,075
Ring MOSRG1017
INR .38,463

Mostar - Moissanite Jewellery


Brilliant and captivatingly beautiful, moissanite is a gem with multiple luminescent properties. Beloved and acclaimed worldwide for its brilliance and captivating brilliance, it has won numerous awards from all gem lovers.

Moissanite, a rare natural gem, is rarely found as silicon carbide in meteorites and crust. Compared to diamond, moissanite has stronger brilliance and fire, is more durable, has a higher index of refraction, is extremely hard, and is lighter. For this reason, moissanite retains its transparency and luster for the rest of its life. Place a 1-carat moissanite next to a 1-carat diamond in the water with a similar light source and you'll see a moissanite gem with an amazingly beautiful color spectrum. Similarly, cutting and polishing large coarse moissanite specimens yields very bright and transparent gems that are indistinguishable from diamonds to the naked eye.
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