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Why Moissanite

Brilliant and captivatingly beautiful, moissanite is a gem with multiple luminescent properties. Beloved and acclaimed worldwide for its brilliance and captivating brilliance, it has won numerous awards from all gem lovers. Moissanite, a rare natural gem, is rarely found as silicon carbide in meteorites and crust. Compared to diamond, moissanite has stronger brilliance and fire, is more durable, has a higher index of refraction, is extremely hard, and is lighter. For this reason, moissanite retains its transparency and luster for the rest of its life.

Moassanite comes in a variety of shapes, from almost colorless to very pale shades, round, oval, marquise, pear, octagonal radial cuts, hearts, triangles, trillions, squares, bright princesses, antique squares and more. Will be provided. Regardless of price or personal taste, buying Moissanite gives you peace of mind that you are buying stylish, elegant and unique high quality jewelery.


Its hardness, or strong resistance to scratches, chips, or tears, and its abominable toughness make it a very durable gem. Compared to diamonds with a hardness of 10, moissanite has a hardness of 9.25, making it a very durable gem that is harder than diamonds as well as emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Another notable feature of moissanite is that it has withstood multiple challenges, such as house fires and complex repairs where other gems are fragile.


Each moissanite gem is rated to strict standards by specially trained gemologists, quality control staff, and automated video imaging equipment.


Each moissanite gem comes with a guarantee and a certificate of authenticity that each moissanite gem will retain its fire and brilliance throughout the user's life.

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